"You either write your own script, or you become an actor in somebody else's script." -- John Taylor Gatto

Thursday, January 3, 2008

AND...now we begin

For those who were in favor, here it is. A place to try some blogging.


Merty said...

So does this count as a blog if it is just you and me doing this? Can't we just have a conversation?

Merty said...

Love ya babe... best of luck in your upcoming final paper! :)

M Diane said...

And what does this intro mean?

Did you both have finals and final papers and are you students again this term as well?

Do you have on-campus experiences, or bigger city gatherings, or just on-line classes? Are others in your extended families also involved? Do you educate your own with these ideas other than at your dinner table?

Good luck to you both. Good studying!

Am eager to read more of your postings. When will I learn about them?

M Diane